Let it be done to me according to your will – (FIAT)

16019 Mozambique 41[Province of Mozambique] Praise and glorify God the Father, who in his infinite love called us and has chosen us making us participate in his redemptive mission. It was in this spirit of gratitude that we join the FIAT of Mary: “You made me holy, wonderous is your name”. For his kindness allowed us to make Vows for the first time on July 30, while we were celebrating the feast of St. Justin de Jacobis. This great missionary consumed his whole life in the service and evangelization of the Ethiopian people; a mission accomplished with true love.

This celebration was preceded by a preparatory retreat for the event. Over the days of reflection we realized that it was a wonderful experience, contemplating and feeling the Mother of God’s presence, the breath of the gentle breeze of its presence within our life. It is a maternal warmth that builds trust and leads to total abandonment in His hands. There were unforgettable moments that the good God allowed us to live, experience and witness. The expected day never seemed to come, anxiety pervaded our hearts but in walking in the rhythm of God’s grace toward the great day, joy was taking its place.

Our joy culminated with the Eucharistic celebration in which we presented ourselves as living offerings, as we preferred to lose our lives for Christ and be one with Him in order to live, to love and serve, in coming and going wherever, with joy, enthusiasm, availability and boldness. In the Eucharistic celebration there was also another event: the presentation of the new Director, Fr. Fernando Mucavel.

After the Eucharistic celebration we had time to enjoy the gift of having our sisters and families. This time was a lot of joy and excitement. The good testimony that our older sisters offered and gave to us was striking.

Finally we asked the mother of heaven that God the Father shed upon us, the grace to be zealous for souls in our service, there where we are, and that He put within us the burning desire to reveal the true face of His merciful divine Son.

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