“Managing the Patrimony of the Poor as Wise Stewards”

P1060550[Motherhouse ] A symposium for members of the Vincentian family was held at the Motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity from August 9 – 11, 2013 on the theme:

“Managing the Patrimony of the Poor as Wise Stewards” 

Organized by DePaul University in Chicago, the meeting had 72 participants from several continents representing all the branches of the Vincentian family.  Sister Pia Humbel, General Treasurer, and Sisters Felicia Mazzola, Alicia Margarita Cortez Cazarez, and, Immaculada Ladrero Ibrain, the four members of the International Finance Commission, represented the Company.

The 3 formation days were very interactive: presentations and discussions centering around five key themes of asset management as viewed from the perspectives of Catholic Social Teaching and Vincentian teaching.

Stewardship – Sustainability – Transparency  – Collaboration – Corruption 

First of all, the session facilitators, experts in various fields with responsibilities in Foundations and charitable associations, spoke on the different themes and presented a case study for group discussion.

Then, work groups, consisting of the members of the various Vincentian family branches of the same language, allowed the participants to exchange freely based on their own experience and consideration on the different situations mentioned.

Finally, there was sharing from the groups with everyone, along with the presenter.  The ensuing discussions highlighted the numerous challenges faced by our organizations and by each of us in the practical management of assets and service of those who are poor. 

At the end of the third day, the fruits of the rich interactive work was collected in a draft text which, when finalized, will be shared in the International Vincentian family.  This document will vision a model of sustainable Vincentian asset management in the present world.

11.08.2013- The International Finance Commission


Would you like to know more?  PDF documents can be downloaded (fr/eng/sp) at the site:  http://mission.depaul.edu/VincentianIdentity/vfs/Pages/Schedule.aspx


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