Meeting of Daughters of Charity under 60 years old

Picture article from Italy[Province of San Vincenzo – Italia] The goal was to meet with each other in order to know one another better and to welcome each other. Hospitality, in fact, was the theme of this encounter of the Daughters of Charity, under 60 years old, held at the end of November in Rome.

The presentations for our reflections were given by three sisters who developed the topic of hospitality from the BIBLICAL, HUMAN and SAINT LOUISE’S points of view. Here are some thoughts arising from their presentations:

  • To welcome Godis the first condition, and it is by starting from our heart, from our capability todecentralize ourselves, to makeroom for the otherthat hospitality arises;
  • When we welcome, we are welcomed;
  • Hospitalityalso means to share joysand pains beginning by smallgestures like agaze or a smile.

During our meeting, we had the surprise to encounter Sister Evelyne Franc, Superioress General, who was visiting the elderly sisters of the Regina Mundi house. Sister Evelyne underlined the importance of knowing the spirit of the Company in order to grow more and more in fidelity. This factor, together with creativity, is the future of the Company: to be firmly rooted in our identity with a vision that goes beyond the immediate.

Thank to this meeting in Rome, in the Church of Saint Mary Major, we had the joy to participate in the Prayer Vigil on the occasion of the beginning of the Year of Consecrated Life. It was a powerful moment of Church that made us feel part of a reality filled with many “facets” represented by the different charisms.

During this time of prayer, we watched the video message that Pope Francis addressed to all consecrated people. After having expressed his gratitude to the Lord for the gift of consecrated life, for what it represents and does in the whole world, he urged us by saying:

  • Like the ApostlePaullet yourselfbe conquered by Christ, make his feelingsand hisway of life be yours;
  • with Christ re-start alwaysfrom the Gospel…Let yourselfbe touched by hishand, ledby his voice, sustained by hisGrace;
  • Leave your”nests” in order to reach the peripheries of men and women today.

We are happy to have had the opportunity to come together in a simple and fraternal way. Only through fraternity can we be credible witnesses of the Gospel for the world. We thank our Superiors for having given us this opportunity to feel more united with each other in belonging to the same charism.

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