Meeting of the International Website Team

[Motherhouse] There is a team of Sisters who work on the International website of the Company of the Daughters of Charity.  It is made up of Sisters from each of the six languages of the site.  The team met in Paris from May 29 – June 2, 2012.  During the meeting we worked diligently to finish the work of creating a new website.

There was also planning for what will appear on the website from month to month.  One primary focus will be the Year of Faith that will begin on October.  A new feature of the site will be that previous presentations, etc. will now be available from archives.  During the meeting we also reviewed statistics about the usage of the website during the past year.  There were more news stories from different countries/continents!  We are grateful to the Sisters in all our Provinces for providing us with news stories.

It was a short time to be together but we accomplished a lot.

We hope that our visitors are pleased with the changes in the new site!  There may be some parts that will be “under construction” but that won’t be for long.  We assure you it is so that your experience at the site will be better! We welcome your comments and suggestions!




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