Meeting “Something new is already emerging; do you not perceive it? “

[Future “South Province of Spain”] With a fraternal environment and trust in God, the Sisters that will form the new “South Province of Spain”, met in the Provincial House of Seville with the hope to open our minds and hearts to the future from the words of Isaiah: “Something new is already emerging, do you not perceive it?”

We began the two days of meetings with the good feeling of the greetings of the sisters of the Provincial House. It was easy to feel at home, since we have only begun to know each other and, we had also the company of the Visitatrices, their respective Councils and Fathers Directors of the three Provinces. We were conscious and grateful for the work carried out by the Commission who is preparing the union of the new South Province of Spain since this dream began.

We felt responsible for our future as a “new Province” and after our reflection and personal prayer, we shared, dialogued, came together on the Community Exchanges and finally, gathered and synthesized them to put them on the table in this encounter. There have been consultations about how we want our Province to be, thereby shaping its apostolic and spiritual profile. There are, as well, our community objectives, wishes and the hopes of the sisters. The challenges and questions from the signs of the times need answers. And always, we have as our background to revitalize our being as Daughters of Charity in today’s world.

We considered ourselves very fortunate to realise that our Charism is palpable, and that we still have a lot to do in the construction of the Kingdom and for people most in need. For that reason, today more than ever, we have to look to Christ, to be attentive to His call to serve our brothers and sisters, being open to the new poverties that we can glimpse for the future. In the style of our Founders we must spread charity with those who are around us. From the Provincial and local Projects we have to be unifying forces working with other Congregations and Associations to promote our ecclesiasial being. We have to be witnesses and prophets in a world that is hopeless and distant from religious feeling with our fraternal community presence, welcoming, in dialogue, compassion and reconciliation…, Our lifestyle must be the “window” to the exterior; we must put all our efforts in our continuing and specific formationto offer a quality service based on a close relationship with God in Prayer and the Eucharist as a force of our life, as pointed out in our Constitutions.

In this encounter we were able to confirm that we have in our hands an alive, challenging and exciting project, humanly dealt with, but approved by the divine. Before so much Grace poured on us, we can only give thanks to God with our hearts full of gratitude:

You have granted us an amazed heart able to share that “something new it is emerging”. And in that it is You who enter into our world. Thank you Lord, because this emerging is not imposed with force, nor are its steps forced, but rather flourishes imperceptibly like a germinating seed.

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