Mercy in Action (Barbara Angiboust Community House)

161019 Mercy in action 2[Curitiba-Brasil] Thus, the project called, Mercy in Action was carried out in the Barbara Angiboust Community House located in the surrounding neighborhood in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. The cold was beginning to show its effect, promising to be rigorous and the question asked was: how to transform the mercy into action, tucking the poor children who are cold? Quickly the question was answered with great support, love, creativity, and the result was surprising. After several appeals in the Parish’s celebrations and meetings, the collaboration was noticed effectively and in 20 days 120 coats for needy children from 3 to 8 years old were made.

It was nice to see the solidarity: some supported with money, others bought a few meters of fabric, others helped cut the molds and fabric, and finally a good group of volunteers led 2, 3, 5 or 10 to sew pajamas at home.

Through the Sector of Coordinators, 120 files with the stamp of the parish were given for poor families, which gave them the right to buy for R $ 2.00 (two reais) new pajamas.

Some lessons learned from this experience in the year of Mercy:

  • Saint Vincent used to say that charity is in the heart of the people, who just need to be organized. It was impressive to see the interest that people have shown for the project, wanting to cooperate within their means.
  • The money raised recalled to us the mite of the widow quoted in the Gospel because there were people from the community, not always the best-off, who collaborated. There were even those who said later that the family stopped eating better meat on Sunday and this money was intended to help purchase the fabric.
  • Important to emphasize is the joy of the poor people who came to buy and not just make something new. Even if the price was symbolic the poor could say with dignity: “ I bought and am also collaborating with the project.”

“Let us therefore be merciful, my brothers and let us practice mercy to all, so that we never find a poor person without giving him comfort, if we can.” (St. Vincent Conference, 06/08/1656)

Sister Paula Pereira Alves, FC
Curitiba – Brazil

161019 Mercy in action 1

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