“Miguel Hernández Prize” to “Lumbre Centre”

lumbre1[Santa Luisa Province – Madrid] More than 10 years ago the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain created the “Miguel Hernández” awards to recognize the importance that should be given to the elimination of inequalities in education and the suppression of discrimination in elementary formation of disadvantaged groups.  They also appreciate the work carried out by those institutions, public or private non-profit, that are distinguished for their effective contribution to the eradication of illiteracy.

Last May, when the 2013 “Miguel Hernández” Prize was announced, the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul presented the “Lumbre Centre Project” for Formation and Socio-education. On the 23rd October 2013 the Jury met and named prize winner. They stated:

“We are very pleased to be able to share with all you the recipient of the 3rd prize of this convocation, the “Lumbre Project” based in Madrid. The Winning Project assists its participants to receive occupational formation, to return to study and be able to look for a job.”

In 2008 the Daughters of Charity of Madrid Santa Luisa Province and the Salesians, SDB Madrid, started the Centre, located in Madrid next to “Puerta del Sol”. It was designed as an Educational experience based on the holistic formation of young socially disadvantaged immigrant people, most of whom had not even finished Secondary Studies and with little labour experience.

The “Lumbre Center” acts in two areas: Social-Labour insertion and Socio-Education. In the first area there are Spanish classes and basic formation, computer science, hairdresser and electricity shops, as well as job orientation for the active search of employment. All these services are supported by legal and social work services.

In the Socio-Education area an individual project is designed responding to the situation of each minor, providing them with resources and abilities that allow them to continue with their education. Also, there is an accompaniment of their family.  


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