Mission lottery – Provincial House Chelmno, Poland

[Province of Chelmno-Poznan] Not everyone has the grace to serve the mission AD GENTES, but we are aware that each Daughter of Charity is a missionary by responding to God’s call, to live in Christ, to love, to serve and to live for the poor.

Traditionally for several years in the Provincial House in Chełmno, we have been organizing the MISSION LOTTERYon the Feast of Epiphany, whose income is intended for the missionary centers of our Sisters.

Many people are involved. They search even for a little thing that they offer for the missionary collection. Later, it serves as modest thanks to those who want to support the mission financially. Each gift is unique and brings a lot of joy.

Through its decoration, the lottery room moved us to the mission areas – numerous photographs from the service of the Daughters of Charity from their missions. In typical folklore costumes, we saw representatives of some countries that helped arriving guests find the gift to which they were drawn. It was fun, very colorful and interesting. There were joyous cries in the crowd, “…how nice, how beautiful … I’m lucky … it’s good I came, … you do not need much to make others happy.”

We have been visited by many people, our residents, employees, people from the town – everyone to whom the matter of the mission lies close to heart.

This Christmas afternoon was prepared and sustained by sister Honorata with her team.

We ended the day thanking God for all who cooperated and who contributed to the celebration of this event. Thank you also for those who did not spare their money – thanks to them we can again “enrich” the missionary service of the Sisters.

May God be a reward for all those present at that event and bless a large number of Missionaries.

Sr. Gertruda Bukowska DC

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