Missionary Days

[Mother House – Paris] As it does every year, the Motherhouse is making preparations for their Missionary Days, this 20 & 21 October.  The theme is: “CALLED TO RADIATE THE WORD OF TRUTH.” All the Sisters are so enthusiastically involved that everyone can feel the missionary spirit of the Company.  With voluntary contributions the Company can continue carrying out their projects in the different missions.

At 8:00 pm on Saturday October 20th there will be a missionary prayer vigil in the Chapel of Our Lady, directed by Father Yves Bouchet, CM.  That same day there will be an exhibition dedicated to the Missions where the Daughters of Charity serve on the five continents of the world.  There will be videos of different missions.  Posters indicating the situation of the Company will give color and Missionary flavor.

The aim of these days is to make known the Mission Ad Gentes where the Daughters of Charity carry out their service.  Day by day, with enthusiasm, hope and devotion they give the best of themselves and try to transmit Christ’s love through affective and effective love.  Evangelization and development go hand in hand to produce an integrated development.

All the Sisters of the Motherhouse and the vicinity participate with joy and enthusiasm in the preparation of the stands representing all the Missionary provinces of the Daughters of Charity.  The different countries where the Daughters of Charity are on mission will be represented by signs, art objects, new and old books, documents, traditional jewellery.  The exhibition is the fruit of the work carried out since the closing of the Missionary days of last year.

It is not difficult to discover the signs of the diverse cultures of each stand, because of the internationality of our Motherhouse Sisters.  In their faces, expressions, ways of speaking to each other we can discover the origin of a mission where one was born, started from so many Missionary Sisters who, like Abraham, had left their country and followed the way God had shown them.

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