Missionary experience – Rio de Mouro, Sintra – Portugal

Portugal 14“The Company is missionary by nature: It strives to retain the FLEXIBILITY AND MOBILITY needed to respond to the calls of the Church in the face of every form of poverty …” (C.25)

[Province of Portugal] To carry out this mission, we had the precious collaboration of Sr. Marlene Terezinha Rosa, (Curitiba, Brazil) –Sister Servant of the Community, two sisters of the Province of Mozambique namely: Sr. Ana Cristina A. Sigaúque and Sr. Marta A. Langa who join a Portuguese Sister Sr. Incarnation Carriço- Portugal.

The Sisters were presented to the parish on the fourth of October at the various Masses. Strengthened by the missionary cross, received during Mass at the Provincial House, we put ourselves on the way to a new stage in our lives, responding to the Company’s appeal, following the General Assembly of May-June of 2015, where the theme revolved around the “Boldness of Charity for a new missionary momentum.”

Portugal 11In Rio de Mouro we heard the “cry of the poorest,” – children of all ages, families in difficulty, helpless elderly, all people of God, in need of food and health, as well as craving human and Christian dignity. In a parish open to all kinds of poverty the Company intends to collaborate in the manner of St. Vincent, St. Louise and our first sisters, being close to those who are destitute.

The simple service of listening, acceptance of Jesus Christ by word and attitudes are at the service of all people in need. Living in a rental home, with the Chapel of the Parish Church and the playing field the Rio de Mouro streets, in addition to catechism rooms, food distribution centers, and the homes of the elderly or sick, God is witness to an immense joy of serving and living with siblings, those truly poor.

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What we do:

  • Home visits
  • Welcoming the elderly.
  • Training and preparation for Sacraments and ministry of hope in attendance at funerals.
  • Organization of liturgical spaces for the Eucharist, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Catechesis for children and adolescents and adults.
  • Personalized services to families.

Our community life is lived in an apartment rented by the Parish. In the  chapel, the tabernacle is there constantly to remind us, “Christ is in our midst”. In the  morning, our prayer is made with Him at home; in the afternoon with Him in the Parish Church, where the participation of the people is encouraging.

Portugal 11With Christ and the poor, the community is complete. Everything is gift, all is a grace from the Lord. He will always be blessed! Since its opening, our house was dedicated to Our Lady. The Virgin of Fatima constantly tells us: “Do whatever he tells you.” What a joy! “God be blessed”,  St. Vincent would say if he could speak.

We give thanks to Sister Berta, Visitatrix, her Council and the Sisters of the Province for the constant support and the assurance of prayers that accompany us in our mission.

We want to be an instrument of God’s love here in Rio de Mouro, doing good while suffering with those who suffer and smiling with those who rejoice. We pray every day:

“At the end of our life we will be judged by love” (S.J.C.)

The Community of Rio de Mouro

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