My U.S. Experience

[Province of Saint Louise – USA] It was August 25, 2011, when I left Mozambique for the U.S. The trip took over 12 hours. I guess I could say that the trip seemed endless. “The promised land” was so far away, but luckily I arrived safely. I came carrying my suitcase and in my heart, hope and my desires to fulfill my goal of learning English.When I arrived on August 26 the Sisters were waiting for me at the Airport. I was warmly welcomed by the Community of Bayside, New York where I am living right now.

When my Visitatrix told me the decision of the provincial Council to send me here to learn English in order to help in translations, I was so afraid to move to an unknown reality because it was the first time that I would leave my country. However, the experience that I have acquired is totally different from what I was thinking before coming. The Community was open to welcome me and to help in all of my needs. I do not have any complaint about this. In the beginning I had some bad times trying to understand my Sisters with different accents even though all were speaking English. However, I learned and overcame all of these difficulties. Now I have improved a lot in my English skills. I think everything in our lives is a blessing. I have good times here living in a foreign country. The difficulties of language and culture shock did not disappoint me. I am feeling at home because the Spirit of our Company is the same in each corner of the world. The differences among us that I have faced are enriching for my growth when I am open to receive it. When I will finish my course I will return to Mozambique where surprises won’t fail to present themselves to me. I am grateful, first of all, because Sister Louise (Visitatrix) accepted me here in this province and for all the sisters of the province who are cooperating with their prayers for my success. Thank you so much for the opportunity that was given to me to share my experience.

Union of prayers

Sister Irene Malate .D.C.

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