Narnia Creative Evangelization – “The Immaculate School”, Leganés

narnia2[Province of Saint Vincent -Spain] Narnia is an interesting experience, organized by the Teaching Delegation of the Diocese of Getafe that allows diving into the message of Jesus of Nazareth in a creative, surprising and happy way. It is creative and has a good team. It consists in relating the Chronicles of Narnia of C. S. Lewis to the Gospel message. It searches a parallelism and meaning between “Prince Caspian” and the figure of Jesus and the Kingdom. There is the lion, Aslam, and Jesus, right and wrong… There were games and tests that the groups must solve for enjoyment and knowledge. There was music, songs, prayer, the sacrament of Penance… At the end, the battle takes place between good and evil, between Aslam and the white witch. A combat takes place among the participants, 6º of Primary and 1st of Secondary and monitors from the 4th of Secondary and High school children.

About 3,500 children and 500 monitors participated in the event. Children were surprised, captivated and enjoyed receiving the news of salvation. We give thanks to God who allows us to be transmitters and mediators of his Gospel.

Some youth’s testimonies:

“I don’t have words to describe this great experience; for me it was better than I thought and I can only say: THANK YOU.” Silvia Fernandez 4th Secondary (16 years old).

“Besides having made great friends, it also brought me nearer to Jesus’ life. I hope Sister Matilde invites us again next year and so makes more people come closer to the wonderful person that is Jesus, who will always accompany us in our life.”  Sofia Jiménez, 4º THAT.

Our trip to Narnia began on April 24 in those wonderful gardens of Aranjuez. We all were very happy with this encounter. The children were delighted and it has been a pleasure to be able to be an instrument to transmit the message of Jesus so that they can know Him a little more.” Sara González, 4º Secondary.

“It has been an unforgettable experience; I would repeat it again without a doubt. I have learned many things and I was able to share it with my partners and with new people. It has been a real pleasure. I keep the motto of this year: ‘Nobody has greater love than the one that gives his life for Him.”  Blanca Vázquez, 1º High school.

 “Narnia has been an unforgettable experience for me. We have learned that helping others also helps ourselves to be a better person”. 

“This Friday we lived one of the best experiences of this year, the trip to Narnia. Without a doubt my favorite part was the final battle… Good against the bad. Participating I felt like a child and I enjoyed it a lot. Even though at the end ‘bad’ won, there was a clear winner… GOD who united us to enjoy a great day, around HIM.”

 “The trip to Narnia filled our life with dreams. In a wonderful place, the gardens of Aranjuez we were taught many things. What impressed me more were the panels that explained the history of the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe have to do with the history of love of Jesus.”  Miguel Montilla, 4º Secondary.

“Frankly, it was one of the most amusing trips of all. The atmosphere was of companionship, friendship and enjoyment; the workshops, the dances, the songs and the gymkhana livened up the great party. The most important thing was to make us feel nearer to Our Lord and to know Him better. I would like to give thanks to all those who made possible this wonderful project.” David Muñoz 6º EP.

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