Networking in the “Patronato Sagrado Corazón” School (Cartagena)

[Province of Madrid – Santa Luisa] An Intercultural Community Process of networking has been developed since 2014 in Historic Casco and Station Sector of Cartagena. Many groups including representatives of the cultural diversity of these neighbourhoods have participated.

In the community process phase in the Historic Quarter and Station Sector neighbourhoods the constitution of the Institutional Relationship Space (hereinafter ERI) represents sustainability for the Intercultural Community Process of Cartagena.

To foster the conditions for the development of Community Programming for the continuity of the Intercultural Community Process these entities have signed a Framework Collaboration Agreement, in accordance with the following objectives:

  • To guarantee the cooperation and inter-institutional coordination between public and social initiatives to respond to the challenges of community programming with common projects.
  • To consolidate an Intercultural Community Process that facilitates communication and dialogue with citizens, facilitating their participation.

For the development of the functions of the ERI, they agree:

  1. To designate institutional representatives with the commitment of technical resources to empower them and bring them closer to citizens.
  2. To establish debates, dialogues, consensus, agreements and work commitments and the training of the participants to ensure the sustainability of the process.
  3. To study and decide on ways to get involved in the programs, projects and actions that arise, contributing resources.
  4. To recognize Results and Community Programming as a result of the joint work of the different groups that needs to be reviewed and updated periodically.
  5. The ERI’s technical work support is assumed by the Murcia Community Team. The entities of the ERI will facilitate the collaboration of professionals, depending on their possibilities.
  6. To have Permanent advice, on the part of the Scientific Direction of the Project of Intercultural Community Intervention.
  7. The follow-up will resolve the questions of implication and interpretation that could arise in the execution and development of the program. The ERI will ordinarily meet every six months and extraordinarily as many times as needed.
  8. This agreement is reviewed annually, giving the possibility that other persons and other entities may join it.
  9. This agreement will be resolved by mutual written agreement of the parties and / or by the occurrence of circumstances that make it impossible to comply.

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