News from our Sisters of Arroyo Prieto–Estado de Guerrero

mexico1[Mexico] We would like to share some news from our Sisters of Arroyo Prieto. At this time there is no way through to Tlapa from México city, the river in Huamuxtitlan has overflowed and all the area is flooded. The other way is through Chilpancingo but, the highway is damaged and the way is closed.  We hope the road will be repaired this week and the way to Tlapa opened.

Fr. Ambrosio, parish priest of Cochoapa, told us the commissioner of Arroyo Prieto went to Cochoapa and he said the Sisters and people of the community are well, but not so in the neighboring communities. In most of the communities of the parishthe situation is devastating. We cannot join the sisters by land and, unfortunately, if the rain continues, it is also very complicated by air.

They are already working in the reconstruction of the road to Metlatonoc, the city before Cochoapa; it is expected that in a couple of weeks we will be able to go there.  Fr. Ambrosio said the damage is immense. Our people of five communities need relocation. There are several communities that have completely vanished, some schools, houses and chapels are completely covered with mud. Though the news from these communities is very scarce, it has been estimated that the reconstruction of at least 250 houses will be necessary, but it is believed that will be many more. In a couple of weeks the biggest problem shall be lack of food. We are trying to organize the relief, in collaboration with some other agencies. There are some people wounded and still it is not known the number of people who have lost their lives.

We are united in prayer with our brothers and sisters who are suffering because of these terrible storms.

Sister from México




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