Prayer corner

The service of those who are most deprived draws its strength from the contemplation of Jesus Christ, who often went aside to pray. In this Prayer Corner, at the beginning of each month, a presentation will be offered to help you nourish and deepen your inner life and discover the meaning of Vincentian spirituality.

If you would like your prayer intentions to be remembered in our Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Paris, please fill in the form on this page: YOUR INTENTIONS


We know that Saint Vincent and Saint Louise were convinced that God spoke to them, not just in prayer and through the Scriptures, but also through daily events. The need to recognize the divine presence in every event is what Saint Vincent had in mind when he told the Sisters: “we must never omit it (prayer) and must pray continually.” Also, the phrase he used “we must not anticipate Providence” was a way of saying that we should reflect on everything that happens during the day, in the light of the Holy Spirit. Let us do the same…

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