Provinces of Curitiba and Recife Sharing World Day of the Poor Activities

[Provinces of Curitiba and Recife] The Sisters of the Province of Curitiba, in response to the appeal of Pope Francis for the Second World Day of the Poor, held various initiatives to meet, reflect, share and raise awareness. Some communities organized moments of prayer during the week preceding the 18th, and a group of Sisters celebrated with the Venezuelan migrants who are in temporary shelter in Curitiba – Paraná. Other Communities promoted campaigns to collect food, clothing and blankets to be donated to the needy, mobilizing and sensitizing communities and institutions of education. There was a community that visited vulnerable families and made referrals to public services. Significantly, in partnership with the Vincentian Family, communities, leaders and other religious, they shared in lunches for the homeless, and there they had moments of prayer, sharing life with brothers and sisters who are in a street situation.

The Sisters of the Province of Recife, in response to the appeal of Pope Francis, who called on the International Communityto join together and pray together for World Day of the Poor,organizeda thematic program that included sharing of Word and Bread, social and solidarity actionswith the objective not only of corporal but also spiritual care. All activities were carried out together with AIC (International Association of Charity) and the Vincent de Paul Society (SVP). Solidarity actions were developed with street homeless, and people from other regions to be served and guided. At the end of the day, taking into account everything we experienced in our hearts, we heard the echo of St. Vincent’s words: “Ten times they will go to the poor and ten times they will find God.” For all God be blessed!

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