Provincial Assembly IX, 2014

assemb.peru (4)[Province of Peru]  “Each time has its own mission in the presence of God.”  Carrying the responsibility  of participation in the 9th Provincial Assembly, we began the Annual Retreat, preached by Fr. Carlos Albeiro Brave Velasquez, CM, with a solemn enthronement of the relics of the martyrs of Spain. Through the use of modern technology we had a video conference from Spain with Sister Maria Angeles Infantes, DC, entitled, “The Mystique of the First Sisters: the Origin of the Audacity of Charity, Challenges for Us Today.”

There were other topics to deepen our motivations for the Assembly and to undertake the journey with a new missionary impulse:  Evangelii Gaudium by Pope Francis and The Audacity of Charity and the New Evangelization by Fr. Javier Gamero Torres, C.M. With the participation of the sisters of the diverse Commissions, we lived the Assembly 2014 under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with faith that allowed us to meditate on and to make decisions according to God’s will about our relationships with God, with our sisters in community and with the people we serve.

At the opening Eucharist, a votive Mass of the Holy Spirit, we met on the patio where the sisters of the Liturgy commission had prepared a bonfire.  Each sister lit a candle, remembering the Pascal Vigil, the passage from death to life, to be kindling that must burn in the exercise of Charity. The event reminds us of readiness and docility to the Spirit, making of our life a Eucharistic pilgrimage which takes us to the encounter of the poor, our true evangelizers.




To be ready to “Live the Assembly with a docile heart, open to the Spirit, cheerful and full of hope” we were inspired with the following topics:  The Word of God in the Spirituality of Saint Vincent and Saint Louise by Father Mario Yepez C.M, Christ and the Church of the Poor by Brother Francisco Javier Saenz de Maturana RSC and The Poor Today, Challenges and Difficulties by Father José Antonio Ubillus Lamadrid, CM.

It was not a coincidence that during the Assembly we read of the foundation of the first Christian communities that allowed us to contemplate and to admire the audacity of the Apostles. The mission arrived to its fullness and the invitation was made to Peter and John to transmit it by means of the imposition of the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Rubén Pedro Borda Montes, C.M, Provincial Director, in his report: Re-reading the Road Travelled by the Company, remembered the audacity and missionary impulse of Jesus Christ, Saint Vincent and Saint Louise. We are “part of a road to sanctity that many have already travelled,” thanks to the audacity of our founders and the first sisters. “At the Crossroads,” “Jacob’s well,” “New Fire,” “Prophecy and Hope,” “Transformed by the Holy Spirit,” are documents that have motivated us to love our vocation anew, conserving the agility and necessary mobility to respond to the calls with apostolic audacity. He mentioned Father Javier Alvarez C.M.’s text “The prophetic nature of the Company is the prophetic nature of the local communities, because that is where we live the charism.” While Fr. Rubén talked we experienced the joy of the disciples of Emmaus: Weren’t our hearts burning when re-reading the road travelled by the Little Company?

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Audacity is the fruit of love. Let us remove the stone that lessens our audacity and missionary impulse to love Jesus Christ and to serve the poor as did our first Sisters. Let us continue being witnesses of the Kingdom and carriers of hope in our beautiful vocation as Daughters of Charity. “I make all things new,” Rev. 21, 5 is the message of hope that guided our 9th Assembly, lived in a climate of faith, respect and fraternity for the glory God and the salvation of those who are poor.

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