abitare il mondo.1[Province of San Vincenzo – Italy] Learn to inhabit the body and then your house and the world! This is the theme that accompanied the two days of play and training for children and families in Quercianella (LI) on April 25th and 26th last year. Speakers for the training of parents were Sister Costanza Galli, Daughter of Charity and Don Gianluigi Figone (Psychologist and Educator).

This was an initiative of the Pastoral department for school families of the Pia Casa Misericordia School in La Spezia. It is an initiative that comes from the desire to unite school and family in a single educational community. Living leads us to enter a space, to transform it and to leave our footprint.

These two days have left an imprint indeed: we lived … and we felt inhabited. Staying together, dialoguing, praying, playing, stopping and looking in the eyes of the one before you, the warmth of a hug, are like bricks that build and shape our heart and our relationships. You cannot go home as before, the encounter with the other, when it is true, changes us, transforms us.

Amazement comes when you realize that the simplest things are what give peace to the heart and make us feel good. We do not need “fireworks”: happiness is contained in daily life. The small seeds thrown on the ground, if watered, will bear fruit. The repetition of small and normal daily gestures, if made with love, generates amazement and leaves a mark on the heart of the other.

abitare il mondo.2

To inhabit the body is to discover a gift, it is keeping oneself and giving oneself an interior form. To inhabit the house is to recognize that the other is a gift, is to take care of those around us and grow with them; to inhabit the world is to feel responsible for space and time. Places, when they are inhabited, become pieces of our history and Quercianella was this for each of us because we lived in that place and we let ourselves be inhabited by this place.

“IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR AND CAME TO LIVE AMONG US” is the slogan that has accompanied us over the two days: Jesus came down to live on earth so that we, inhabited by Him and by our brothers and sisters, can experience now the joy of transforming the earth into a fragment of sky.

Sister Elisabetta Castellani FdC

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