Rabat (Morocco) Vocations’ Week Encounter

[Province of Spain–South] The weekend of January 13 and 14, took place in Rabat, one of the two annual meetings that the Diocese of Rabat offers to young people with vocational concerns.

Perhaps you could ask: A vocational encounter in a Muslim country?

The diocese of Rabat is a rich Church in terms of cultures. Many people comes to Morocco (mostly sub-Saharan) in search of work, studies or as immigrants. And many of them are Christians.

A few years ago, in response to the concern of several young people, the diocese of Rabat created a vocational pastoral team to try to accompany this group, mostly sub-Saharan Africans, who come to Morocco for their university studies with the help of UNESCO scholarships.

The team consists of an African Salesian, an American and Asian Franciscans and a European Daughter of Charity. Four continents and a common goal.

In this last meeting, participated 25 young people from 15 different countries. The universality of the Church is really alive.

Three consecrated persons have shared their vocational experience, which has subsequently led to questions, dialogue, reflection … We also had the presence of Mr. Bishop, who gave also his testimony. The underlying theme has been: “Vocation and human maturity”.

Despite the cultural differences and the inconvenience of the language, it is a grace to share my poor but marvellous vocational experience in a Muslim country.

Sr. Clara Román Ruiz, H.C.

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