Renewal agreement of San José House Centre in Aranjuez

170216 San Jose 1[Province of Madrid-St. Vincent] A renewed service agreement was signed with Sister Maria Eugenia González,DC, Visitatrice of the Province Madrid-St Vincent, whose order is responsible of running the food distribution in Aranjuez. At that time Miss Cristina Moreno, Mayor of Aranjuez, stated that San Jose House at Aranjuez (Madrid) has daily served 115 consumers during 2016 when the new model implemented by the government was started. This is a new model of distributing, for a system of points, perishable and non- perishable foods to be cooked at home.

The Mayor pointed out that “the evaluation from users, the Daughters of Charity and the City Council of Aranjuez is more than positive”, and thanks to this new system more dignity has been endowed to users “. 

By means of this agreement for one year, the Aranjuez City Council will dedicate 20,000€ for the expenses of the Food distribution centre.

170216 San Jose 2

The objective of this agreement is to contribute to nutritional needs of the population at risk of social exclusion.  Aranjuez City Council, through the Social Services department, will select the beneficiaries according their socio-economic situation, and will also provide for the food and transport.

The Council will put the necessary auxiliary personnel for the implementation of the agreement at the disposition of the Centre and will select the voluntary personnel that collaborate in the program of the Social Centre together with the Daughters of Charity.

“The new model that now turns one year old, allows that attention is given to more families than before”, the mayor highlighted. “There is solidarity shown by people with donations and collaboration of volunteers”.

A commission, formed by the Social Welfare Councilwoman, a municipal technician and a representative of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, will follow the implementation of the agreement.

Miss Cristina Moreno thanked the Daughters of Charity, the volunteers and workers for “their good work” and highlighted also the important work played by the companies who collaborate with this service”.

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