San Pellegrino Terme: Feast for our Sisters

[Province of San Vincenzo – Italy] The parish community of San Pellegrino (BG) joined its Sisters to celebrate the anniversaries of their entry into the Company of the Daughters of Charity.  This gesture indicates the love and mutual respect that runs between the Sisters and San Pellegrino. It is an act of praise to God, gratitude for the gift received, a prayer to accompany them always and to help us to take an example and benefit from it.

Sister Maddalenahas been a Daughter of Charity since 1948 and therefore remembers 70 years of vocation, SisterGabriella celebrated 65, Sister Raffaella60, Sister Lidiaand Sister Gaetanina50.

The Parish also has one more reason for the feast because it recalls the 60 years of Sister Gabriella who, arrived in San Pellegrino on board the Brembana Valley train on April 21st 1958. Together with all these anniversaries it is good to add the 25 years of Sister Raffaella’s presence.

For many years the Daughters of Charity have walked with us, or in other communities or in other lands where obedience has destined them, always with simplicity, cordiality and commitment, according to the typical “Vincentian” style of witnessing faith and charity.

The Sisters arrived in 1874, called to assist the poor and orphan girls in the orphanage attached to the Beaux silk factory where they remained there for thirty years. Meanwhile, in 1895, the kindergarten was born at the initiative of the parish priest Father Cavallari, who could immediately count on the presence and work of the Sisters. The whole community then joined the parish priest, who a year later managed to build the nursery school (it was smaller than the current one) which since then has continuously offered its valuable service to families.

The nursery school was and still has a kindergarten, but it was a primary school, a sewing workshop, a women’s oratory and a place for meeting and organizing a thousand parish activities. For eighty years everything has stood on the commitment and work of five Sisters. As times changed, the Sisters became elderly and others took over in the beautiful nursery school. But the Sisters (mothers, more than Sisters) have never ceased to be always available, in their welcoming, humble and quiet style . They enjoy the children, the elderly of the Oasis, the sick, but also the youth in the oratory and the community in the liturgy.

It is their feast and the newspaper “L’Eco di San Pellegrino” spoke for the whole parish in exclaiming, “Thank you and best wishes!”

Alberto Cervi [Journalist of L’Eco di San Pellegrino]

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