Sending on Mission

envoimision1[Motherhouse] On September 25, as we approached the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul, Sisters Lucia NGUYEN THUY TRINH and Anna NGUYEN NGOC DUNG of the Province of Vietnam were Sent to the Mission Ad Gentes.

The solemn blessing, giving of the Mission Cross and Sending were celebrated at the Motherhouse at a Mass presided by Fr Bernard Schöpfer, Director General, and in the presence of Sr. Evelyne, the General Council, the Sister participants at the session for young Sisters and the Sisters of the Motherhouse.

We listened to St. Vincent tell us: the reason why you must give yourselves to God is that, from all eternity, God determined to call you into the Company of Charity to do what you’re going to do. Yes, Sisters… In addition, His Providence has chosen you from among all your Sisters… to do what? to make known His goodness for His creatures. That’s why, generally speaking, you must give yourselves to God to serve Him faithfully in that place… Go then, dear Sisters, full of confidence in God and of distrust of yourselves; ask Our Lord to preserve in you the dispositions He has placed there.

We confide our Sisters to the Virgin Mary so that the boldness of charity will be with them in this new missionary momentum.

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