Service in the periphery with the AIC Luisa de Marillac – Bilbao

[Province of Spain–North] From 1994 until recently a community of Daughters of Charity developed its activity in the neighbourhood of Arangoiti in Bilbao, Spain. Currently there is one Sister who works with the AIC LUISA de MARILLAC.

Values.The most significant lines that are followed in the association are the following:
Participation, teamwork, communication with other groups and associations.
Integration, inter-culturalism and gender equality.
Helping people in a vulnerable situations, personalized attention and adaptation to specific needs of each person and / or family.

The person is the central element of attention of the different entities that participate and in coordination with the social services of the institutions.

Organization and social data. The AIC LUISA DE MARILLAC of Bilbao is a member of the volunteer organizations forum piloted by BOLUNTA. The participants are the Board of directors and 3 professionalsThere is an average of 70 volunteers and 60 collaborators.

Several programs are carried out:
The CHATILLON program, an occupational workshop for 16 people with psychological and physical disabilities. There are cooking workshops, manual works, music therapy, vacations, day trips, etc. This year’s activity has been boosted weekly, with the aim of getting the participation of people in the city, knowing their environment and socialization with others.

The BANOK BATERAprogram serves more than 30 children in the neighbourhood with various activities: school support, play, library, sports, theatre, colonies, summer camps, etc.

The SOCIAL ACTION program, care for elderly people: distribution of meals at home, economic aid to families in a limited situation, distribution of food and medicine, accompaniment in medical procedures and consultations, self-help groups.
Housing and evictions. Much of the resources spent throughout 2017 have been dedicated to help families in precarious situations to avoid eviction. The family is welcomed, given legal support and possible solutions are studied. In some cases, it has been the alleviation of the debt and in other there are only occasional economic contributions. In general, aid is in the form of microcredits, recoverable without medium-long term interests. It is always about reaching agreements with the beneficiaries, in which, in addition to the commitment to return, they acquire a social responsibility through the performance of a job which gives them a future viability.

Immigration.Training for immigrants, intercultural groups, etc. Families come from multiple countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Senegal, Morocco, Sahara, etc. We work in a special way interculturally, promoting meetings and support for immigrant families.

Psychological and technical attention. Throughout the year, different people have been assisted with judicial processes with the collaboration of professional volunteers. On the other hand, some people are treated on a regular basis by the centre’s psychologist.

Social participationis specified in multiple activities. We follow the motto of a little with everyone. Some residents of the neighbourhood of Arangoiti participate in volunteering in some of their activities.

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