Sister Servants’ Meeting

enc_hs_1[Province of España Sur] The Sister Servants of the Province met February 8-9 for two intense days of reflection-and prayer guided by the Director, Fr. José Mª Lopez Aside. He introduced the topic of the two days on the theme, To walk as Daughters of Charity, attentive to the call of the Church. The issue was addressed in three stages:

I. To Walk with Christ as Daughters of Charity attentive to the call of the Church.
II. To Walk with Christ – as Daughters of Charity – attentive to the call of the Church.
III.  To Walk with Christ as Daughters of Charity attentive to the call of the Church.

I.  The Sacred Scriptures warn us if you act without God you risk taking the wrong way, or mistaking your goal, because your ways are not my ways says Jesus. Our dear Pope Francis told us about our attitude of walking towards the Kingdom. Living our Baptism is the best form of living every day as sons and daughters of God, being a consequence of our baptismal consecration. The pilgrim walking towards the future city finds in Christ “WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE,” the better form of living openness to the Will of God, accepting it with joy, consistency and perseverance.

II. The second part of the theme started from the call to Sanctity addressed to all baptised. We can say with all truth that consecrated life, our life of Daughters of Charity, revitalizes our consecration to God in our Baptism. It is a gift of God to his Church and a symbol for Christian people, as well as a call to creative fidelity. John Paul II addressed a call to the Institutes of consecrated life to reproduce the audacity, creativity and sanctity of their Founders in themselves.

III. The Company of the Daughters of Charity, as any Christian group, must be always attentive to the call of the Church, witnessing, as the consecrated people that we are, the triple dimension of consecration, communion and mission.

We know that Christ is the Light of people and the most urgent call “is making God present in the world” (Benedict XVI), the message that the Pope Francis takes up in Evangelii Gaudium, 1. Our charism was born from our experience of the mystery of God’s Love manifested in his Son. We are invited to live ecclesial communion as a gift from the Spirit from our Vincentian charism.  Saint Louise gives us the way: “They will remember that true Daughters of Charity… should resemble the Holy Trinity, to be one in heart, and do not act but with a single spirit“. The same Spirit pushes us to make the Kingdom present in the world, who asks us to “take the first step, who are involved and supportive, who bear fruit and rejoice.” (EG, 24). In this Kingdom the option for the poor is understood as a special form of exercising Charity, as it has been doing along the centuries in the Church. From faith we can live in Vincentian contemplation making a reality that “with a look of faith they see Christ in the poor and the poor in Christ” (C. 10 b).

Each reflection was followed by group work and a very rich exchange.

We also counted with the joyful presence of our Visitatrice, Sister Mª Pilar, who informed us of the most important news of the Province, thanked us for the serious and prayerful participation of all communities in the Domestic Assemblies and, after a rich dialogue, she concluded the encounter. We all felt grateful and comforted by her words. Going back to our communities we thought of how we could have all our Sisters in community participate in all we heard, saw, and lived.  And for all, blessed be God!

(Resume of Sr Mª Carmen Sánchez, H.C.)

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