Sisters over 40 years of Vocation

session.40years[Motherhouse] Paris –5th to 19th May 2014:   Hallelujah, Christ is Risen!  In the echoes of Easter, at this point in time of our lives (over 40 years of vocation) to be called to the Mother House supposes an immense gift from which the joy and gratefulness are immense.  To stop, reread our life, dive into the heart and roots of the Company, to renovate the enthusiasm of our first YES, to be open and allow the Spirit to transform us, it moves us to sing: “The Lord has done great things for us and we are joyful“.

Happy, because, once again, and even with more intensity, we perceive the greatness of the Company. Its:

  • Universality
  • Unity in diversity
  • Wealth of sharing experiences lived on our journey, by the road that God, with love, has traced for each one of us.

We feel grateful, because we know there is no stage in life without the need to deepen the call of the Lord, and we have had the help of experts and experienced people, who took us near to those who must be our models

  • St. Louise, woman, disciple, collaborator, formator, founder, mother…
  • St. Vincent, a man in transformation, in slow ascension towards the summit …who one day decided to take the firm, and inviolable resolution of honoring, even more, Jesus Christ and  giving his entire life to love for the service of the poor.

They have invited us to live this time as:

  • An exemplary time
  • A Time to deepen in our fidelity
  • Time of humble and hidden service
  • Time of bare faith
  • Time of true poverty
  • Time of Vigil and Paschal preparation…

AND have encouraged us, “to grow older, without being old”. To live calmly and trust in God. To  know progressively our limitations; we can live this age brilliantly, because “Somebody waits for us

We have contemplated and appreciated the treasures that the Archives contain that allow us to know better the origins of the Company and the journey of our first Sisters, who encourage us to continue in fidelity.

We thank: Sister Evelyne, who has reminded us of the need to live fraternal life as a gift and a task. Fr. Gregory (Superior General) that, with his wide vision of the Company and his capacity of dialogue, has given us suggestions as we face worries. Fr. Bernard (Director General) for his constant accompaniment and his simple and deep communication of his experiences.  And also to Fr Patrick, who, we know, would like to be here; we felt his presence, and we send him our affectionate remembrance.

And of course, we thank the Coordination Team and the group of translators, for their permanent service and their lovely welcome as well as to all those who, without being visible, have made possible us feel happy and at home. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


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