Small gestures can make things be so good

[AMN] Sister Fuensanta Acosta, missionary in Cameroon, wrote to Sister Teresa Arranz to see if she could provide a suction pad, since they had to perform Caesarean Sections without the necessary material. The order had to made through a doctor so Sr Teresa asked for the help of her two cousins Madrid. The suction pads were sent from the United States without any charge; she has only to pay the air shipment to Cameroon. We give thanks to God for everything. 

The “Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital” B P 11 DSCHANG – Cameroon sent a letter of thanks to the donor. 

“Dschang, 17 August of 2017: Dear Mr: On behalf of all of the personnel of our hospital, mainly the Maternity service and on my own, I wanted to express my recognition and admiration for your generosity in favour of  the children and pregnant women trusted to our care. The Maternity service is indispensable in our hospital, located in a rural area where sometimes we receive pregnant women who have followed neither prenatal consultation nor prevention. From the beginning the Maternity service had a metallic suction pad that degraded with the time and we could not fix it. As in all hospitals in developing countries, there are many things we lack. The sanitary personnel have the capacity, and the creativity to respond to problems as they arise without having the appropriate means. During one campaign for gynaecology, they gave us a suction pad like those that you have given us. We treated it as gold and it had been good to facilitate many difficult childbirths. But about eight months ago, it was completely ruined and we tried to replace it without finding one in Cameroon. On many occasions our suffering was great when a childbirth presented with problems, mainly in young first time mothers, without having anything to help to the expulsion of the fetus. With your gift of twelve suction pads we are assured for many years, because after use and disinfecting well they are good to use many more times. May God bless you and fill you with his graces. Only He can reward your generosity and sensitivity toward our suffering brothers and sisters. Be sure of our friendship and prayers.

Sister Fuensanta Acosta, Daughter of the Charity
Responsible for the Hospital Saint Vincent de Paul of Dschang

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