Street, Community and Service: Scouts and Casa Santa Luisa in Turin

Scouts 11[San Vincenzo Italia] Turin Casa Santa Luisa – The journey of life proposed by the boy scouts includes an extra year of associative activity. The youth are called to accomplish service in addition to community time with the Scouts.

Federico and Silvia, last year, asked to participate in the home visits of the Young Vincentian Volunteers Group, “Blessed Nicoli”  of Casa Santa Luisa in Turin.

Scouts 13Furthermore, last year, a Daughter of Charity of Casa Santa Luisa was invited to give a talk at the National Meeting in Turin for Scouts who are studying at the university. The place of the talk was «Le Nuove», a Museum that was previously a prison. The theme was “Persecuted for their ideas.” The Daughter of Charity shared with the young people above all the testimony of life within those walls in the Prison of Sister Giuseppina De Muro, Daughter of Charity, who will receive the award «righteous among the nations» for her heroic engagement during the Nazi-Fascist regime.

Since then, the Scouts of Turin and its surroundings have “adopted” Casa Santa Luisa.  Training sessions, parties, Community weeks, service experiences are followed with conviction. Casa Santa Luisa has “widened the stakes of the tent (Is 54,2)” and behold, there is also room for Scouts: the same kitchen, the same breakfast room for Homeless People that Casa Santa Luisa welcomes every weekday morning. On some feasts the motto of Breakfast, “We nurture relationships,” has even more significance: on Christmas morning, a family feast, and on the feast of the Assumption, when the heat and the holidays make Turin seem uninhabited. The meeting room and the library become a study and recreation room, and the bedrooms in the attic welcome the Scouts for the night.

Scouts 12The life of a Scout has three pillars:  street, community service.

Casa Santa Luisa is an open door on the road. At Casa Santa Luisa there is a community that is created day after day by our homeless friends, the Daughters of Charity of San Salvario House in Turin and the Volunteers. This “community” is at the service of thousands of people in difficulty who come to Casa Santa Luisa to be accepted, taken into care and accompanied on a personal, relational, social and civil path to recovery. In Casa Santa Luisa we live real rebirths, and it is beautiful to share these resurrections working with young people engaged and eager to make their life a gift to others.

Sr. Cristina Conti, Daughter of Charity

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