Team Meeting of International Website

100_0910[Motherhouse] The team of the International Website had their annual meeting from May 7 through 10 at the Motherhouse in Paris. The members of the team come from 6 different countries representing the 6 languages of the site. The members are:

  • Sr. Katarzyna Pospieszynska, Province of Chelmno, Poland
  • Sr. Alicia Munoz, Province of Madrid St. Louise, Spain.
  • Sr. Carolina Mureb, Province of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Sr. Christina Laim, Quasi-Province, Translation Center, Paris (from the Province of Turin, Italy)
  • Sr. Mary Frances Barnes, Province of St. Louise, USA
  • Sr. Valerie Thurwaechter, Province of France South
  • Sr. Christa Bauer, liaison to the General Council 

During the meeting we discussed the statistics of the use of the website since last year when the site was re-done.  We also decided on themes for this coming year.  The site is well used, especially Prayer Corner.  It seems that everyone likes having both the powerpoint and video formats.  We need to get more news for the site so we decided to do what we could to encourage the Daughters of Charity and people who work with them to send articles about their service.

Sunday, May 12, 2013 is World Communications Day.  The papal message for this day is very appropriate for our work at this website.  The pope closes with the sentence: “When we are present to others, in any way at all, we are called to make known the love of God to the furthest ends of the earth.”  We are grateful for this opportunity to be of service to the Company of the Daughters of Charity throughout the world.

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