Thanksgiving in Province of Amazonia

[Province of Amazonia – Brazil] The Province of Amazonia rejoices with the whole Company for the Sending on Mission of the “Our Lady of Mission” group on December 8, 2012. With faith and joy our Sisters welcomed their placements at several communities of our Province.

On December 30, 2012 we had the joy of receiving at the Seminary four new Sisters to the Company of the Daughters of Charity. The name chosen for this group is Mother Suzanne Guillemin.

During the mass, Sister Maria Cristina Cardoso da Silva, Visitatrix, quoted in her speech the thought of Mother Guillemin about formation at the Seminary, highlighting some aspects of this step: need of deep theological bases, a formation that aims helping people to become adults, a formation in communion with the Church and opened to life.

Looking at Mary, Mother of God, proclaimed “Blessed because she believed” (Lk 1: 45), let’s give thanks to the Lord for so many graces.


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