The Conference of the Bishops of Sardinia authorizes the opening of the cause of beatification of Sister Teresa Tambelli.

Sor Tambelli 320[Province of Sardinia – Italy]  The canonical process of the cause for beatification of Sister Teresa Tambelli, Daughter of Charity can begin. In fact, on the 16th of February, at the request of the Archbishop of Cagliari, Arrigo Miglio, the Episcopal Conference of Sardinia gave the approval to proceed with the procedure provided by church regulations.

Sister Teresa was born in Revere, in the province of Mantova. When she was 18 years old, she entered to the Daughters of Charity in Turin where she did her postulancy at the Institute Alfieri-Carrù. When she was 23 years old she was missioned to Sardinia, in Cagliari, at the Asilo della Marina where, in 1914, Sister Giuseppina Nicoli arrived and became her new Sister Servant. Sister Tambelli spent 57 years in Sardinia. She also shared, with the Blessed Giuseppina Nicoli her sister companion, the service of education and charity at the Asilo della Marina and in the most degraded areas of Cagliari. She died on the 23th of February 1964.

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