The Conferences and Collected Writings of Saint Vincent de Paul in Portuguese

[Brazil]The urgent and necessary task of coming back to the sources of our charism and our mission as members of the big Vincentian Family requires special attention to everything of our Holy Founder did and taught. It worth opening our mind and heart in order to let his spiritual experience focused on a powerful passion for Christ and for those who are poor penetrate us in a renew way. Thinking on that, there are approximately 4 years the Brazilian Province of the Congregation of the Mission (PBCM) took the challenge to work on the translation of the Conferences and Collected Writings of Saint Vincent de Paul: letters, conferences and documents originally published in French.

The 14 volumes, each of one with approximately 600 pages, have been translated for a team of Vincentian priests and Daughters of Charity. We began this project thinking on all branches of the Vincentian Family presents in Brazil and in other Portuguese-speaker countries. This work that has begun to be published in our language is a result of many hands. The translation team, coordinated by Fr. Getúlio Mota Grossi, C.M., deserves a special highlight as well his many collaborators. Our most sincere thank to all and each of them. We hope that this priceless contribution be valued by the readers and produce on them good fruits of affective and effective love that dwelt in the heart of Christ, Evangelizator and Servant of the Poor, that was abundant in the heart of Saint Vincent de Paul and that is present in being and acting of the Vincentian Family.

Fr. Geraldo Ferreira Barbosa, C.M.

Visitator of PBCM

(Excerpt of his Presentation of the first volume)

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