The Miraculous Medal and the first Jesuits in Southern Africa

[Motherhouse – ParisIn 2004 I went with an archeologist to Old Tati, the site of the first Jesuit Mission of our province.  This city is now in Botswana.  It was the 125th anniversary of the arrival of the first Jesuits in this part of the world, a journey they made by oxcart travelling 27km per day!  The mission in Old Tati was later abandoned but a few traces of it remain near the shores of the river Tati.  The trader offices, shops and a mine had been located there.

The archeologist, Robert Burrett, showed me the exact location of the Jesuit house and I examined the soil which was covered with broken bottles and the remains of dishes.  That is when I saw a Miraculous Medal.  Rob photographed it before I picked it up so we could closely examine it.  The text was written in old French, but it was clearly a medal made in the middle of the XIXth century.  It was proof to me that the Jesuits had really been in this house and that really touched me.

We then presented the medal to Bishop Frank Atese Nubuasah SVD, Bishop of Francistown (Botswana).

We are grateful to Father Barry for his testimony.

Short report from Father David Harold Barry, SJ, Harere, Zimbabwe


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