The Providence of God acts when we least think of it

Brazzaville_school_1[Province of Congo Brazzaville] It was Wednesday at 5:30 in the afternoon, all students, even those who had workshops had left. Sr Brigitte, the directress, the four volunteers (two couples), the guard and I were in the school. Suddenly a torrential rain started to fall with a terrible wind; in a question of seconds we heard a very big noise and we all thought, “The roof went.” Amid the rain we went to see and indeed the roof of the second floor, with 8 classes that we had just inaugurated and that had been financed by the Embassy of France, had been lifted up and bent to the other part of the roof.

While the rain continued falling like a sea, we passed a good while moving the tables, benches and cabinets to the part that was still covered to protect them from the rain and when we went home it was already night. We passed a very bad night because we knew we didn’t have the means to fix this disaster.

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The next morning, after we sent back the boys who arrived at the school without knowing anything about what had happened, a young person arrived, sent by the phone company AIRTEL. Their bosses had directed him to look in Brazzaville for a humanitarian project where the company could commit financially.

He didn’t know anybody because he works in France. Then he searched the internet where he found the “Special School”. He saw it was a good project and he came to inspect it. When he arrived and we explained to him everything about the school and our needs, he told the responsible people of the firm in the locality and they came immediately. Two days later they brought us a check that allowed us to get everything repaired.

The Lord was in charge down to the tiniest detail. He didn’t abandon the smallest and poor that are his favourites.

We have been assured that AIRTEL will continue helping us, they already know all we need and little by little they will provide it to us.

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Amid the current financial insecurity this is the continuous miracle in which we live, because the Friends of the “Special School” are not able to find the necessary money for the operation of a large school with 1,600 students, all with a specialized education.

We have 81 teachers and monitors, only 31 of them are paid by the State, the rest are in the hands of the Lord and in those of the donors. You, with your help, participate of this continuous miracle that is the “Special School”.

May the Lord help you to continue with your help so necessary for the youth and children that come to our school.

Sister Mª Teresa Castañeda – Spanish Missionary in Congo Brazzaville

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