“The Rosalie Projects”: One Year Already!

160928 Project Rendu logo[Motherhouse] It was on 30 September 2015, at the Motherhouse, in the presence of a crowd of journalists and guests, that the crowdfunding platform was launched:  www.projets-rosalie.com  The Sister participants in the Vincentian Session were present and heard all in their own language, thanks to the translators.

Why such an initiative?                                  

The Rosalie Rendu Endowment Fund, (an independent legal body of the Company), was established in 2012 in order to collect donations to fund projects for the poor. A fruitful collaboration with the International Project Services for 3 years benefited the most important projects of co-financing.

The objectives of the “Rosalie Projects” is to allow donors to finance more modest projects (1000 to 5000€), while making known the mission of the Daughters of Charity and the Vincentian Spirituality that animates them. By means of this new technology we hope to reach a younger public. The collective momentum generated by Crowdfunding allows for interactivity, a sense of social utility since each person can become a part of the the project he or she chooses to support.

160928 Project Rendu Mozambique

The “Rosalie Projects” are supported by Grégory Turpin, a young Christian singer. “To support the ‘Rosalie Projects’ means participating in a universal community of those who move things,” he says.  “It is a joy for me to be permanently invested with the Daughters of Charity in this ambitious approach in the service of solidarity.”

Where are we after one year?

  • Projects: Until today, 21 projects have been financed and 3 are in process. They are in the following countries: France, Belgium, Slovakia, Egypt, Syria, Madagascar, Burundi, Burkina-Faso, Congo, Mozambique, Tanzania, Haiti.  Even if sometimes projects struggle to reach 100% funding, others have far exceeded the amount requested (eg. A project for France to participate in WYD, funded at 158%, and that of Haiti, which reached a record 172%)

For the Future:

  • As of now, projects in the Portuguese language are welcome. The Provinces of Brazil and Mozambique have received the necessary information.
  • When will there be a geographic expansion of access to the “Rosalie Projects”? We are thinking of the English speaking areas of Africa and Asia, and Latin America. But for that you need to count on the collaboration of translators, Sisters and lay people, who even at a distance from Paris, could make a small team for “Rosalie Projects.” To volunteer to help with this little team for the Rosalie Projects, contact:
  • We want to continue to make the platform known to potential donors. Can you help? Thank you!

160928 Project Rendu tracteur
 Sister Rosalie Rendu worked with creativity and boldness for the most poor of Paris in the XIXth Century. May the “Rosalie Projects” spark from the Daughters of Charity today, many projects for our brothers and sisters who are the poorest!

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