The Star of Bethlehem Continues to Shine – the Magi in a Hospital

photo36[Province of Belgique-France-Suisse] Epiphany has passed, but the Lord continues to accompany us day after day. Here is the story of a couple who took their daughter, Adèle, to the hospital and there they encountered the Star of the Lord!

The evening of 5 January, our daughter Adèle had terrible stomach pains. Jacques and I immediately felt that it was an appendicitis. On the advice of our physician, we made our way to the hospital in Belley.

On our arrival we are seen by the pediatric nurse and assistant who do their preliminary exams. Then comes the pediatrician, a man about 40 years old, very simple, an African. He is very composed, calm in his manner and his voice. He looks at the first test: it might be an infection of the appendix… “We’ll have to see…” he tells us, very reassuringly. I am not going along with this. I am not a doctor but Adèle’s symptoms are exactly the same that I had. Coincidence or not, I was operated on at the same age as she, practically to the day. Deep down I am fretting already, “he wants to delay…I have to take her to Annecy…they would have been more effective.”

Next comes the surgeon on duty, a big burly fellow with a Slavic accent and difficult to understand. He asks us several questions and we have to repeat our answers. I speak slowly using simple vocabulary. The pediatrician came to our rescue and reformulated our responses. Then I really panic: “This is not possible…I am dreaming! Come on, Jacques, we’re going! That man who is going to operate on my daughter can’t even understand what I am telling him… how can he operate?” The nurse seems as concerned as me and I don’t hesitate to tell her my fears. She tries to find words to reassure me. I am ready to leave. But the test results come… They must operate and quickly. No more thoughts of leaving, of deciding, we must hurry. There is only one thing left to do – only to HAVE TRUST.

We take Adèle to the operating suite and there we meet a man who appears to be Asian, with a smile on his face, very friendly. “Hello, I am the anesthesiologist. I will take over with your daughter.” Oh! 12 years old! He is the same age as my daughter!… “Wait for us there; I promise I will find you at the end of the operation.” Three quarters of an hour later I am in the recovery room beside Adèle… Everything has gone well.

I look at my watch. It is a little after midnight. It is the 6th of January 2016… and I am sure… we have just encountered the three magi.

epiphanie-ev1Epiphany 2016.

The story of a couple, poor and helpless in the face of their sick child… a couple waiting… It is a meeting with an African, an Eastern European and an Asian – the real magi who possessed the necessary skill to put the light back into our little star. What can we call those three? Perhaps Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar? There is fear of the unknown, panic, waiting, and then, the need to switch to TRUST. Because, thanks to all these three, our little star shines anew!

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