The Vincentian Spirit … In the wake of the past, to the present day…

The Vincentian Spirit_2015.06_2[Province San Vincenzo – Italy] – 13 May 2015.  In the presence of ecclesiastical and civil authorities Sr. Luisa Cirulli gave testimony to IRCCS (Institutes for Hospitalization and Scientific Care) about the presence of the Daughters of Charity for the past 30 years in the Pediatric Hospital of the Child Jesus.

“I thank everyone, especially our President, Mariella Enoc. I was moved because she gave me the opportunity to recall, on this occasion, the presence of the Daughters of Charity in the Pediatric Hospital of “The Child Jesus”. The Company of the Daughters of Charity was founded in 1633 in Paris, thanks to the inventiveness of St. Louise de Marillac and St. Vincent de Paul, our Founders, with the charism of serving Christ bodily and spiritually in the person of those who are poor.

The meeting with the Salviati family in 1869 made it possible for the superiors of the Daughters of Charity of that time to initiate the service through the work of four Sisters. The service has allowed us to lay the foundations of the organization of the Hospital, regulated by conventions serving and directing the entire institution.

The institution continued to grow, becoming a reference point for many children in need of care. The Sisters also increased in number and carefully watched the emerging needs in the hospital. It is our charism that presses us to discover and then to be at the service of all poverty.

From the beginning the priorities chosen by the Daughters of Charity in the Child Jesus Pediatric Hospital were to provide safe and humanizing care, and to focus on training. With the opening of the School of Nursing in 1958 the Daughters of Charity tried and still try, despite their fragility, to train many young people. They see and develop in them their human, Christian and professional potential, transmitting to them the true sense of service. Training is in the DNA of the Company. In 1633 St. Louise gave the first sisters the first elements of nursing and medical knowledge.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday, aware of our role and driven by the love of Christ, we use essential tools such as training workers for a global attention to the person on issues of humanization of care, by establishing helping relationships, encouraging a sense of belonging and promoting the sharing of objectives.

The paths to implement these goals are: the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the various areas of the hospital, so that there is an exchange, not only at a professional level, that already exists, but also at a spiritual level; establishing common objectives, so as to avoid wasting resources and in order to get results; implementing concrete initiatives.

The evolution of time allowed us to expand and refine the focus on complex problems of people living our reality, where they live such moments of their life as sickness, disability and death. Our professional and spiritual uniqueness allow us to take care of the person, respecting life, health and freedom of the person, through therapeutic intervention, the exploitation of the resources of the patient and the family, as well as the full respect of the values of the sick child.

The source from which we draw the strength to be a “neighbor” to those who are in need, is to enter the depths of the Christian mystery of “Christ Crucified, Dead and Risen.”  In living this mystery, we become a “new creation,” bearer of hope, peace , love and we become a gift for the other. “

Sr Luisa Cirulli DC

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