The Vincentians of Sarthe celebrate the Feast of Saint Vincent de Paul

[Province of France North] On 27 September, Feast of Saint Vincent de Paul, the Vincentians of Sarthe met with the expanded Council for the County.  The president of the Lay Fraternity of Vincent de Paul, Isabelle Tellier, joined the meeting and participated in the Feast.  The regional president, Henri Hulin, welcomed the participants as they shared in coffee and pastry.  The meeting opened with prayer.

The regional chaplain, Jean-Pierre Tellier, permanent deacon, proposed a spiritual time using a fundamental text of St. Vincent de Paul.  In particular, the text on the Spirit of Faith (SV XI, 32) where St. Vincent asks us not to treat people by their appearance but to “turn the medal, and you will see by the light of faith that the Son of God, who willed to be poor, is represented to us by these poor people.”  During the reading the chaplain asked participants to close their physical eyes and open the eyes of their hearts.  “In listening to this text, consider in your heart those whom we visit, those whom we meet.  During this reading, let us silently offer our difficulties in these encounters, our doubts, our weaknesses our wealth.  After the reading we will take time to listen to one another.  Each one can say, if he or she wants, an impression, a meditation.  We will listen without responding or judging.”

Following the spiritual instruction, each conference president presented the activities of their localities.  The numbers of families visited and the help given to persons in difficult situations are always the most numerous.  Organization of volunteers is always important.  Other information about the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul at the national level was given to the assembly.

The Eucharist was celebrated by Father Paul Carron, chaplain of the Mission conference.  The homily was given by the department chaplain.  A picnic closed the meeting of the Sarthe Conferences.

At the Bonnière retirement home of the Daughters of Charity, Mass was celebrated by Father Proust and Father Catcoup.  At the invitation of Father Proust, the homily was given by Jean-Pierre Tellier, Vincentian Deacon.  The Daughters of Charity shared refreshments in the community reception area.  The Sisters from Evron and several parishioners were present.  In the course of conversation Father Proust recalled how Saint Vincent de Paul had come to Mans to the church of the Mission.  Frédéric Ozanam came several times to the Sainte Croix school for the awards ceremony at the end of the school year.

Yes, the presence of Saint Vincent is always alive in Sarthe. Yes, his spiritual legacy lives on in the service to those who are poor.

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Jean-Pierre Tellier
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