Blessing of Torreblanca Shelter Home

[Province of España-Sur] We wish to share an emotional and festive event celebrated the 1st June 2018 by the Pine Community. Present were our Visitatrice, Fr. Director, part of the Provincial Council; all Daughters of Charity who worked in this service over the years, workers of EL PINO Day Centre, Torreblanca Shelter, Representatives of Sevilla “Proyecto del Hombre”, Volunteers, etc. etc. We gave thanks to God, because, after a few years of waiting, the Torreblanca Shelter Home was completed. It is an unimaginably magnificent building, so comfortable and simple at the same time.

This building is dedicated to the care of youth and adults who have decided to make a radical change in their lives and leave the hell of addiction. After taking that first step, they need to maintain that commitment with themselves, with their families and with society.

Presently they take part in a therapeutic program, “Proyecto del Hombre,” and from there they are referred to this Shelter. It aims to achieve an integral development, promoting their personal abilities and enhancing their achievements, all in a climate of respect, understanding and closeness, cultivating, in turn, human / Christian values.

For us, Daughters of Charity, workers, volunteers, etc. this mission, so up to date and Vincentian, is a reason for continuous gratitude to God, living day by day with these young people and seeing how they reach their goals.

We cannot express in words the satisfaction of seeing those people who were able to get out of the situation in which they were, and have already overcome this difficult problem. They feel that they can embark on a new path that has always been prepared for them to reach the goal they set for themselves. We trust that they will advance and will enjoy true happiness.

The event culminated with a varied snack of cold and hot drinks and food and a diversity of exquisite Mignardises sweets (miniature desserts); all elaborated with mastery and affection in the Pre-Labour Kitchen Workshop of El Pino Day Center.

As we left for our different Communities, full of joy and after having shared moments of communion, we were presented with:

  • A bookmark to help us to remember the experience of this day, and a special intention for the users of this Shelter.
  • A random message from the depths of the heart of one of the participants so that we could make it a reality in our daily life.
  • A sample of a tile, an indispensable element in any construction project and home such as Torreblanca Shelter.

Taken from España-Sur website

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