Training session on Islam at the Provincial House of Spain-South

[Province of Spain-South]  On July 14 and 15, at the end of the Annual Retreat, we had two training days in Islam, in the Provincial House; the Sisters of Morocco joined us.

The speaker, Emilio González Ferrín, professor in Arabic Philology and Islam at the University of Seville, began by showing us how Islam is not presented as a block, but rather under three aspects, different from each other but intertwined:

  • Islam religion
  • Islam culture
  • Contemporary Islamic societies

He dedicated a session to each of them in which he also demonstrated the overlap between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the common origins of the three religions.

He emphasized the Mediterranean cultural heritage that concerns Jewish, Arab and Christians, and the interdependence of cultural remains, both literary and architectural, as well as ways of life that persist today.

Another important point was how we must see and study tradition today in the light of modernity and not the other way around. This is what happened in Islamic society when it rejected the printing press in its time, and today it has reached the extremes that we know when trying to apply the tradition to the current world.

He insisted that our common heritage leads us to a relationship and not to exclusion, otherness … looking at the other from the difference and defensive.

They were two intense days in which the speaker spoke from his contagious passion for the subject and that we hope will continue at another time.

We would like to thank the Provincial Council which organized this session.

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