Transfer of the Casket of Relics of Blessed Lindalva J. de Oliveira, Daughter of Charity

lind7[Province of Recife – Brazil] On April 5th, at 7 am, there was the blessing of the Chapel dedicated to Blessed Lindalva Justo de Oliveira built at the Institute of Our Lady of Salette, in the city of Salvador, the state of Bahia. A prayer vigil was held at 5pm in preparation for the following day in which the relics would be transferred. At the same time as the vigil in the Chapel, the casket with the relics was opened in order to be transferred to Abrigo Dom Pedro II, the place of martyrdom, in the same city.

Before the Mass, on April 6th, the casket was taken to an appropriate place, where everyone could see, pray and give thanks for all received graces. It was a moment of faith and very moving because we saw the most varied manifestations of devotion of the people trusting in the intercession of Blessed Lindalva. The Mass, which began with a procession of the relics in the casket to the altar, was celebrated by the Archbishop Primate of Brazil, Bishop Murilo Krieger. It was a great moment of faith and hope for the archdiocese of Saint Salvador of Bahia. Attending the Mass were Fr. Shijo Antony, CM, Postulator General for the Causes of Canonization for the Vincentian Family, including the one of Sr. Lindalva; Sr. Marlene Terezinha Rosa, General Councilor, representing Sr. Evelyne Franc, General Superioress of the Company of the Daughters of Charity; Sr. Maria Ilza Ferreira, Visitatrix of the Province of Recife; the Provincial Council; Fr. José Moreira Ribeiro, Provincial Director, Visitatrixes and representatives of all Provinces of Brazil and, especially, the Daughters of the Province of Recife. There were the siblings of Blessed Lindalva, a caravan from her birthplace, the city of Açu, and from several cities, and the people of Salvador city. After the Mass, a fire truck carrying the casket wandered the streets of the city of Salvador, accompanied by a motorcade that toured the city for miles.

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Arriving at the Chapel of the Blessed Lindalva, the casket was removed from the fire truck with many manifestations of praise and faith. Bishop Murilo Krieger led a fervent time of prayer, followed by the enthronement of the casket which was placed under the altar. Underlining the faith of the people, Bishop Murilo recalled that that blessed and holy place would be a special invitation to prayer for both children and young adults, because this is a saint who no longer belongs to her blood family, nor to her religious family but to the Church. That is the reason why Sr. Lindalva is ours today, she belonged to the people and all of us. After the enthronement ceremony of the casket, the Chapel remained open, accessible to all the faithful to pray freely, give thanks and intercede for the Church, families, vocations and humanity thirsting for God. The Chapel, a beautiful and pious place dedicated to Blessed Lindalva, became a blessed place that will always be open to pilgrims and devotees, as well as all those who wish to pray and know more of this Blessed of our time, Sister Lindalva. Let us praise and give thanks to the Lord for this memorable event. May Blessed Lindalva intercede for humanity, the Church, the Company, the Provinces and in particular those who are poor whom she loved so much.

Sr. Maria Aparecida M. de Oliveira

Daughter of Charity

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