Two years already!

The Rosalie Project  –
crosses the two-year mark!

On this occasion, we would like to give you some news and invite you to continue to participate in this project put in place by the Rosalie Rendu Fund, created in 2009 by the Company of the Daughters of Charity. This French legal entity has the goal of allowing institutional and private donors to finance projects of the Daughters of Charity for those who are living in poverty.  The excellent cooperation with IPS (International Project Services) has allowed the Fund to co-finance some projects that has been studied and followed by IPS.  Resumes for most of the projects are published on the site  (only in French)

Returning to the Rosalie Projects !

In February 2017 we announced the English translation of the site, (News from the Rosalie Projects) in order to allow English speaking Daughters of Charity from Africa and Asia to present projects for the poor in their language.  Since then projects have come from Ethiopia, India and Indonesia.

  • The PROJECTS :

Over these first 2 years, Daughters of Charity who serve poor persons in the following places have become “project bearers” by successfully embarking on “the adventure of Crowdfunding » :

  • EUROPE: Belgium – France – Poland – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Ukraine 
  • BRAZIL: Province of Recife
  • NEAR EAST: Egypte –  Liban – Syrie
  • AFRICA and MADADASCAR : Burkina-Faso – Cameroon – Congo – Mozambique – Rwanda – Tanzania and Madagascar / Ethiopia (in process) 
  • ASIA : Philippines / India and Indonesia (in process)

So far, 42 projects have been accepted and published on the site:

You will find that several Provinces have sent more than one project.  Thank you and please continue!

The projects and their reports are always available and allow users to discover the various works of the Daughters of Charity for those who are poor.

Continue to be creative and if you are a Daughter of Charity living in a country where a modest financial contribution would be welcome to carry out a project with the people you serve, the “Rosalie Projects” can give you the necessary support. All projects must be validated by the Provincial Treasurer. For more information:

  • DONORS: Until now, checks and online donations have come mainly from France and Switzerland but sometimes, for certain projects, from Belgium and Poland. We hope to increase the number of donors, which is currently about 400, and to be able to count on your collaboration to make the Rosalie Projects  known beyond the French speaking world.
  • With the new English version of the site it would seem that a number of users from other countries can learn about the works of the Daughters of Charity, and, thanks to you, act in solidarity with us.
  • The money collected:

Funds have been modest in relation to the financing of major projects sent by the provinces to IPS (International Project Services).  But our new Crowdfunding platform, still now well known, has had good results.  Thanks to the generosity of  the small circle of donors, the amounts collected by the platform exceeded € 115,000, with the average donation being between € 50 and € 100. The 42 projects published were often funded at 100%, the average being 95%.


We have not lost sight of our Sisters in Latin America for whom the Rosalie Projects could bring some resources, although modest*, for the service of those who are poor.

    (modest*- reminder : IPS finances projects for very large amounts).

Currently, projects are presented in French, English and Portuguese.  Are you interested?   For information contact:

In the future: Would it be possible to add a Spanish speaking Sister to our little team?  That would broaden the areas from which we could receive projects.  These past two years have shown that collaboration at a distance is completely possible, with some meetings via SKYPE.

To alleviate the work of the small “Rosalie Projects” team, occasional English, Portuguese and Spanish translators, Sisters or lay people, even from Paris, would be welcome! If you are available to answer this call, or if you know laypersons with these skills, do not hesitate to contact us by the above address.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Rosalie Projects.

For the Crowdfunding team
Sr Pia Humbel, DC

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