Unexpected homage to Saint VINCENT DE PAUL! 

[Province of Graz-Central Europe] There are about 1,400 persons with precarious living situations in the renowned Salzburg, Austria.  One man wanted to respond to this need. He is responsible for “Studentenwerk de Salzburg: (residence for students).

For organizing such a home, it was necessary to have a real estate developer and to find an organization for the daily management. After many discussions, the project began. Catholic Charities of Salzburg took on the planning and the construction, with the help of many experts, over a period of three years.  

But they still had to find a suitable property for a building site. The Daughters of Charity of the city of Salzburg proposed a garden full of fruit trees for this Vincentian social work.

After settling legal questions, work began to construct 55 little apartments in the former orchard. The name of the project says exactly what it is, “My Home”. A long list of donors and supporters collaborated as they could for managing this project, such as the Lions Club International. They gave the Melvin-Jones award to some of those involved in the project. 

The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul benefited from the award. A commemorative plaque was prepared by the Lions Club of the United States. Because the name of our Congregation is so long, all that fit was “Vincent de Paul”.Thus, for our greatest joy, it is Saint Vincent himself, who receives this homage. We hope that thanks to these homes, many people will no longer be in a precarious situation or social isolation and will be able to integrate actively into society.

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