United Nations High Level Political Forum

[UN-NGO]Our Sisters representing the Company of the Daughters of Charity at the United Nations share this news from the UN:

How have the Daughters of Charity engaged with the High Level Political Forum (HHLPF) at the United Nations in New York July 9-18?    The Forum is an annual event during which some countries are reviewed based on their progress in achieving the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This year, Goal 4 (education), 8 (decent work), 10 (reduce inequality), 13 (promote urgent action to address climate change), 16 (promote peaceful and inclusive societies), and 17 (partnerships to achieve the Goals) are  the focus.

In addition to attending the opening session, the Daughters of Charity participated in multiple activities. Most significantly, Sr. Margaret O’Dwyer, DC, moderated a panel of speakers for an event entitled, “Lived Experiences of Inequality: Grassroots Respond.”   That panel presented on Tuesday, July 16, at the Church Center at the UN, highlighting results of a survey about inequalities which the Grass Roots Task Force had previously conducted in six languages.   Speakers included a migrant from Syria, a principal from Pakistan, and an art therapist working with immigrant women in the US. The report summary was presented by a social worker and a student from Marymount Manhattan College.

“We cannot reflect the voices of people at the grass roots level unless we have a means of hearing their experience,” said Sr. Margaret, an NGO Representative to the UN in New York for the Daughters of Charity.  “The Grass Roots survey is one of the methods by which we can do this. So, a huge thank you to all the Daughters of Charity who completed the survey or encouraged people in their communities to do so.”

The sisters further met with Renato Lima de Oliveira, President General of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, along with other Vincentian Family NGOS.  They discussed their work at the UN and received the Society’s support.   Mr. De Oliveira accompanied the sisters to an event at the Permanent Mission of Ireland to the UN, which focused on ways to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4.  The President General was able to show Ambassador Geraldine Byrne-Nason his mid-term report for the Society.

The Daughters of Charity are part of a Working Group to End Homelessness at the United Nations. That Group advocated diligently for homelessness as a theme of the Commission for Social Development in February, 2020.  Because “affordable protection and social protection for all to end homelessness,” in fact, will be the Commission’s theme, the sisters encouraged member states to participate in that Commission by distributing brochures during the HLPF.

On July 11, the sisters participated in an event during which the Spotlight Report was launched. In the report, entitled, the “Reshaping governance for sustainability,” civil society explores ways to transform institutions, shift power, and strengthen rights.

The sisters also attended events related to climate change, finance for development, how faith-based organizations can contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, issues related to Small Island Developing States, youth, and more. The further viewed  films depicting good practices in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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