Unity is strength

container.2[Province of San Vincenzo –Italia] A container with school supplies has been sent to the Eritrean missions belonging to the Company of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Its arrival at the mission of Decamare in Eritrea is estimated in about in 30/40 days.

Thanks, first of all, to the Cooperative p.za Ciardi that, on the first of April, loaded up the container and made available the store and the staff that we needed for the whole task. A 40-foot container was filled with all the supplies that came as donations or were purchased with the help of many people.

Notebooks, pens, folders, A3 and A4 paper, blackboards, school furniture, chairs, cupboards, computers, printers and copiers, toilet paper, big rolls of paper towels, and much more was patiently crammed inside the container, in order not to miss any cubic cm of available space.

Our THANK YOU is for everybody, but especially for all the people, parishes, associations, companies, Daughters of Charity, Vincentian Missionaries who have made it possible. Another huge THANK YOU goes to the many volunteers who have spent their free time to allow the collection of all materials.

Really, unity is strength. A load of about 63 cubic meters, little for our opulent Europe, but much, very much for those who live in that part of the planet where everything lacks: health care, food, water and education.

The school supplies will ensure the functioning of the school Decamare, attended daily by about 1450 children from kindergarten to secondary school (school for children who are 11-13 years old).

We are also really grateful to those who have allowed us to send medicines, buy solar panels, a well for Keren and other micro-projects that, little by little, the Sisters ask us to support. Thank you for the gift you are for the people of Eritrea.

Sr. Raffaella, Father Francesco, CM

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