Verbania Pallanza: two centenarian birthdays

[Province San Vincenzo Italia] Casa Santa Luisa is a residence surrounded by greenery on Lake Pallanza, a few steps from “Villa Taranto”, where the Daughters of Charity share a serene community life. The structure currently houses 61 sisters. There are large rooms dedicated to conviviality and small chapels where you can gather in prayer.

Among the sisters you can meet two centenarians, who never give up sharing with those who meet them in their long life of charity and help to others.

Sister Agnese, born in 1910, moved to Pallanza in 2012 and has just turned 108 years old. Originally from Mendrisiotto (Switzerland), she arrived in Turin in the 1930s to enter the Vincentian community and studied as a nurse. Back in Lugano, she worked at the Civic Hospital in the pediatricward. “I was with children,” she says. Hard to talk, yet the whole story is clear to follow as told by a sister. Then she intones a psalm and a praise to the Madonna, with a voice still clear and touching.

Sister Luigia instead, comes from the province of Milan and has turned 101. “I was a nurse for 10 years.” she says, “then I entered the congregation.” She worked in Mondovì and then in Chieri (Piemonte region), always assisting people. But her memory goes to a particular period of her life. “For a long time I worked with military men. They were young and a bit mischievous but it was nice to be with them.” 

These are stories that intertwine with serenity in the small community of Santa Luisa, surrounded by greenery. An environment that conveys peace and which, with great probability, constitutes the best elixir of life for those who live there.


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