Visits to some places ransacked by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Ede Ayiti 960[Provincia del Caribe] Information sent to us by one of our Sisters working in Haiti:

Once again, our dear Haiti has been terribly wounded. The departments of Nippes, Sud, Sud-Est and Grande Anse are severely affected by Hurricane Matthew.  Plantations are devastated, homes are largely destroyed, some roads are still difficult to use even after a week of being cleared. In several localities near the sea everything is destroyed.  Many people lost their lives.  Between the dead and missing, more than eight hundred have been recorded.

The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul visited areas like Meyer and its surroundings where our Sisters work, and Jacmel in the Sud-Est Department. There the destruction is not as severe.

We went to Anse-à-Veau, Madian, Petite Riviere de Nippes, Petit Trou de Nippes, all in the Department of Nippes where we found great need:  the population living in temporary shelters (schools), looking for food without success. Disease will soon follow, given the absence of the necessary hygiene, no clean water, no sanitation, unhealthy conditions everywhere. It touches your heart to see so many people in the churchyard hoping for food.

During each visit, we met with the local bishop to see how we can work together to serve our needy brothers and sisters. As roads are available, we will go to Grand Anse and Anse-à-Pitre in the Sud Department to show them our support and organize ourselves to respond quickly and effectively to the most pressing needs.

With us, the Daughters of Charity and with all of Haiti, we thank the Lord and all those who in one way or another, have expressed their support revealing the mercy of God for us, his people.

Map with marked area II


Additional Note: Daughters of Charity from neighboring Provinces have made themselves available to travel to Haiti in order to help.
If you want to contribute to relief efforts, you can send monetary donations to our Motherhouse:

Company of the Daughters of Charity,
140, rue du Bac,
75340 PARIS Cedex 07,

stating it is for Haiti.
Our Econome General will make sure that the money is sent to those in need in Haiti.

For a series of photos from one news media outlet:

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