Walking the Road to Dignity

logo_enSister Catherine Prendergast, representing the Company of the Daughters of Charity at the United Nations, shares the news below from the UN in New York:

[UN-NGO] U.N. General Secretary Ban-Ki Moon will shortly ask the U.N. General Assembly to approve 17 goals, his vision of a better world, to be achieved by 2030.  As Community members, we might question how we can join the push to achieve these “Sustainable Development Goals,” or SDGs, which are summarized in Mr. Ban’s document, “The Road to Dignity.”

  1. Include 1 or more goals in daily prayer
  2. Study the goals, perhaps dialoguing about them once per week or month, or sharing what you’ve learned on social media
  3. Commit to doing something each week to promote one of the 17 goals
  4. Collaborate with others in a focused effort towards one goal
  5. Many SDGs challenge behaviors, especially those related to environment and health. Consider making one positive behavior change, as an individual or a group.
  6. The SDGs are designed to “leave no one behind.” Reach out to the ones who are left behind in the area where you live.

 For more information on Daughters of Charity at the UN: www.cmdcngo.org


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