Welcome to the «Rosalie Projects», our crowdfunding solidarity platform

Projet Rosalie logo 900x600 [Motherhouse] We would like to draw your attention to a very good initiative, launched the 30th of September: the Crowdfunding platform for the Rosalie Projects. (« Les Projets Rosalie »).

“Crowdfunding” is a new tool of participatory finance; it can reinvent solidarity and involve the greatest numbers. The idea is simple: the Sisters are often on the ground, with precariousness, lacking funds, but no ideas for the most vulnerable. Many people would be willing to get involved in solidarity projects with a high added value, to become a partner with a donation. “The Rosalie projects” will get them there in just a few clicks.

crowdfunding2-cropThe collection campaign goes for a limited time, after which the amount would be announced, at or beyond the goal. If it is not fully funded, users are not charged and the project is not funded. It is therefore a challenge: for the project to be funded. Users become ambassadors to those around them, with their networks. Everyone is committed to a collective adventure, uniting around a human project as sharers in social and solidarity values.

RR 2015-10-13 01-06Grégory Turpin, popular singer, accepted to be an official sponsor and gives these words: “The ‘Rosalie Projects’ are a new, innovative way to come to the aid of the poorest of the poor…as Saint Vincent de Paul conceived it. It is a joy for me to be involved in this ambitious project that is at the service of solidarity.  Through my music I try to pass on the same values as the Daughters of Charity.”

RR 2015-10-13 02-54This site is an initiative of the Rosalie Rendu Foundation, established in 2012 to promote and sustain projects of the Daughters of Charity for the vulnerable throughout the world. It presents projects from Africa, Madagascar, Europe and the Middle East.

Beginning September 30 you can discover, finance and follow in real time the humanitarian projects that we conduct around the world for the most vulnerable: http://www.projets-rosalie.com

We hope many will visit this site and share it with your networks!

The Crowdfunding team

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