With Palms in their hands

beatif.1[Barcelona Province] … “They were “standing in front of the throne and in front of the Lamb, dressed in white robes  and holding palm branches in their hands” (Rv. 7,9)

Up right and expectant, as servants waiting for their masters…; our brothers and sisters were able to enter by the winners’ door, with their lamps lit by the oil of charity, tested in a diaconal service to their brothers and sisters the persons who were poor. They advance with the palms of the apocalypse, waving them as in a Feast. They wear white robes … it could not be otherwise, because they were purified in the transparent sources of God’s grace.

In Tarragona, Spain the Church celebrated the Feast of Faith, joyful as Mary in the closeness of the Lord and happy, verifying the presence of so many children and daughters for whom, “love for life did not deter them from death. 

In Tarragona, the Company remembered and revived the prophetic words St. Vincent de Paul addressed to Daughters and Vincentians:

I’m well aware, dear Sisters, that some among you, by the grace of God, love their vocation so strongly that they had prefer to be crucified, torn apart, and hacked into a thousand pieces rather than tolerate anything contrary to it–and there are a good number of you, by the mercy of God. This hasn’t been given to all, however” (S.V. Coste IX, 25 Dec 1648).

God is honored by the state in which he’s being held, since it’s tor love of Him. The Company would be blessed if God found it worthy of giving it a martyr…” (News of Francis White, XI, 114, April 1655).      

The sons and daughters of St Vincent and Saint Louise sang and prayed under the Mediterranean sun…; the echo went out to the four corners of the world because we were united by the feeling to being a family, a family making its way with our brothers and sisters. The happiness shown on all faces was a symptom of what happened inside, in the heart of each one of us. The song of the Apocalypse was no longer a mystery as it gave way to festive expressions of gratitude… We obeyed its invitation because it was the right moment: “rejoice, you heavens, and you who dwell in them.”

Thank you, Lord.  You called them, you nurtured them with your Bread and your Word; thank you Mary, you were there as a Mother, receiving the beautiful gift of their lives

Sister Rosa Mendoza, DC.




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