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Succession in the Company

April 1, 2020

Letter of Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM
Superior General
1 April 2020

The death of Sister Kathleen leaves us all saddened, but our firm faith in the Resurrection gives us hope that we will meet again and be together for all eternity… Every good organization has a succession plan. The Company of the Daughters of Charity is no exception. Your Constitutions provide for it. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of that steps that have been or will be taken in that regard.

Constitution 66g states: Her office [that of the Superioress General]becomes vacant when her mandate expires; it likewise becomes vacant by her death… If the office of Superioress General becomes vacant, the Assistant General fills the office until the next Ordinary General Assembly.

Upon Sister Kathleen’s death, Sister Françoise Petit, as Assistant General, immediately took up that role and will remain in it until next year’s General Assembly. I trust you will give Sister Françoise the same support and prayer that you accorded to Sister Kathleen. She had been a wonderful assistance to Sister Kathleen, especially throughout the latter’s illness, and will count on your help

Sister Kathleen’s last visit to a Province. November 2018 in Sardinia with Sister Françoise